Dec 16, 2017

Elephant issue concealed during Rajapaksa era? Featured

According to investigations conducted by the CID with regard to the killing of a female elephant and the sale of 24 baby elephants, during the previous regime, it has been revealed that the investigation had been covered up by now.

This operation was carried out by Ali Roshan with the assistance of several government big wigs.

CID investigations had revealed that within a few days of giving birth to the baby elephant, the mother elephant had been sedated and the baby elephant was transported to Colombo in a defender and sold for a price between Rs. 5 million to 20 million.

However, while the culprits had sedated the mother elephants, they had failed to administer the antidote to revive these 24 sedated mother elephants, resulting in their unfortunate demise.

Mostly these elephant calves were obtained from the areas of Kaudulla, Minneriya, Welikanda and Udawalawe.

However, with regard to the demise of the mother elephants, the Wild Life Department had determined that the reason for their deaths was the drought.

Some of the elephants that were sold had been recovered from main temples in Colombo recently.

However, police sources charge that due to the delay of the AG’s Department in taking proper action regarding these perpetrators, it increases their chance of escaping scot free.