Dec 16, 2017

Russia halts tea purchases from Sri Lanka!

Russia has temporarily halted tea and other agricultural imports from Sri Lanka from next Monday (18).

This was due to the discovery of a species of bug that was found in tea imported from Sri Lanka.

Russian authorities had discovered the beetle species known as Khapra beetle.

Sri Lanka was a major exporter to Russia with a 23% market.

The Plantation Ministry however, stated that this container that transported the tea had earlier been used to transport grain and is not a container that belongs to Sri Lanka.

It is reported that this variety of bug can be found in areas of rice and other grain storages.

Meanwhile Plantation Minister Navin Dissanayake is expected to visit Russia shortly in order to resolve this issue.

During the first ten months of this year alone Sri Lanka has imported 141300 tons of tea to Russia and its value is around $ 436 million.

It is also reported that Sri Lanka has urged the Russian Tea and Coffee Company to recommence tea imports from Sri Lanka under strict conditions.