Dec 15, 2017

Fate dealt a cruel hand to Gayan – He needs your help

Chinthaka Gayan is a Sabaragamuwa University Graduate who strives to face life’s challenges through sheer determination. From the age of 12 he had been ill and while his brain develops his body does not develop in proportion. He also has a sister who is in the same plight.

Although Gayan’s sister had passed her A/L examination and gained admission to university, as she is more handicapped than Gayan and can hardly walk, she could not attend university. Their father too had passed away recently.

Gayan’s mother is also ill and currently he is employed as a clerk at the Nivithigala District Secretariat. The family lives on Gayan’s salary and a huge amount of money is required for the medication needed by his sister. Hence, it is impossible for Gayan to manage all this expenditure with his salary alone and the family is faced with a huge dilemma.

Therefore we seek your kind generosity in creating a fund for Gayan and his sister of which we intend to uplift their living standards and construct a toilet indoors as they both have limited mobility.
We also intend to find his sister some form of self employment that she can operate from home.

If you would like to assist this family please join us by logging onto the Face book page ‘Every One Can Help Someone’.

Or contact :
Sunanda Chamath Kumara - 071 638 2218
Chamath Viduranga - 071 954 6700
Subha Wickramasinghe - 071 8299 905

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