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Nov 15, 2017

Teacher arrested for sexual harassment of colleague!

A teacher had been arrested by the Nawagaththegama Police for having made sexual advancements to a female teacher at the rest room.

The person who was arrested was a teacher attached to a school in the Anamaduwa Education Division.

The male teacher is a 30-year-old married person while the victim is an unmarried 28-year-old teacher attached to the same school.

According to police, this incident had taken place on November 01.

Although school had closed for the day, due to the heavy rain the female teacher had remained in the staff room until the rain subsided.

According to the complaint lodged with the police, the male teacher had entered the staff room and asked the female teacher, “Are you afraid of me?” and embraced her touching her breasts inappropriately and kissed her.

Upon receiving a complaint regarding this incident, the Anamaduwa Education Division Director had taken measures to transfer both teachers to other schools.

The suspect teacher who was arrested by police is scheduled to be produced before the Anamaduwa Magistrate’s Court.

Further investigations are being conducted by the Nawagaththegama Police.

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