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Nov 14, 2017

Revelation on SAITM by Gemunu

The Parents’ Circle of the Malabe Private Medical College said they would hand over a petition to the Bribery Commission today (14), regarding acts of corruption and fraud concerning SAITM, by certain Health Ministry and Higher Education Ministry officials.

SAITM Students' Parents' Circle Convener Gemunu Wijeratne said due to these fraudulent acts 80 graduates are left without jobs and around 800 have lost their opportunity to education.

He said although the government had promised to abolish SAITM, they have still not come up with a mechanism to secure the futures of the students currently receiving their medical education at SAITM.

Wijeratne pointed out that these students were enrolled at SAITM based on the assurance of stability of SAITM given by the Higher Education Ministry.

He said his organisation is in the possession of all proof to prove that certain officials of both ministries had engaged in corruption and fraud when handling the SAITM issue.

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