Nov 09, 2017

LeN seeks to know why it is blocked Featured

Sandaruwan Senadheera, editor of the website, presently inaccessible in Sri Lanka, has asked the acting director general of government information Sudarshana Gunawardena to provide him with details of the blockade.

Writing to Gunawardena, Senadheera’s lawyer Upul Kumarapperuma notes that he has been instructed by his client to inquire if the obstruction of LeN was carried on a court order or on the instruction of another institution or person.

If that is so, Kumarapperuma seeks, as instructed by his client, to know under which law the obstruction has been carried out and the reason for same.

The lawyer goes onto say that his client has not been informed in advance of the obstruction, no explanation sought or given, or notified in any other manner, and that his client has instructed him that it appears the obstruction has been carried out on a unilateral decision.

Given below is the letter in full:

Letter Head 1Letter Head 2