Nov 20, 2016

Baby jumbo killed by speeding vehicle? Featured

The dead body of a baby elephant aged around six months was found yesterday (19) near Thambili Komba bend on the road across Somawathie national park that leads to the Somawathie sacred area

Wildlife officers say the cause of death can be determined only by veterinary surgeon in a postmortem examination.

The 12-km stretch of road between Sungawila and Somawathie sacred area has been developed by the previous regime as an expressway, causing the death of wildlife by speeding vehicles, according to area residents.

Someone else’s land

Top prelate of the area Ven. Yatihalagala Upatissa Nayake Thera says it has been forgotten by many that they go to worship Somawhathie through someone else’s property - a land owned by the wildlife.

Speeding vehicles cause many animal deaths, he said, noting that the carcass has been left behind only because it belonged to a baby elephant, but that had it been a sambur, deer or hare, the body would have been taken away for consumption.

The Thera requested the president to mediate and see that humps are placed every 50 metres of the road to break the speed, or that devotees to the sacred area are allowed only by foot.

(pics: W.A. Piyatilake)

Shanudri1.PIX 02 A

 Ven. Yatihalagala Upatissa Thera

Shanudri1.PIX 04 A
Prelates looking at the baby elephant’s body

Shanudri1.PIX 03 A
Wildlife office at Somawathie national park