Nov 20, 2016

Govt. in deals with thieves (video) Featured

The present government is having connections and striking deals with those responsible for various crimes committed during the previous administration, quotes CaFFE as having said.

These deals are preventing justice from being ensured over murders, frauds, corruption, robberies and human rights violations, says the local election monitor that played a role in the formation of the new regime by Maithripala Sirsiena and Ranil Wickremesinghe.

At an anti-corruption rally at Independence Square in Colombo on November 18, CaFFE executive director Keerthi Tennakoon said the government was having deals with frauds and robbers, as its marked its second anniversary.

Addressing the event attended also by several government ministers, he said it was unfortunate that the hopes that the government would take action to ensure justice and eliminate fraud and corruption have become mere hopes today.

He alleged attempts to repress, by using parliamentary privileges, the organizations and media that demand justice and the exposure of fraud and corruption.

Tennakoon stressed that the people were no longer prepared to accept this shielding of thieves and this hunting with thieves.

The government will not be able to strengthen democracy if it takes no speedy measures to establish special courts to try and punish the accused, he warned.