Nov 19, 2016

Water’s Edge cannot be sold - Patali Featured

Although it has been proposed to list Water’s Edge West Coast as a Non-strategic businesses, doing so is illegal, said Megapolis and Western Development Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka.

The Minister pointed out that since it is located in a Sensitive environmental zone a court order has been issued certifying its protection.

He said his Ministry was opposed to defying this order and listing Water’s Edge West Coast as a Non-strategic businesses.

When contacted the Minister further said, “There was a court order that advised the Water’s Edge be taken over under the Central Environmental Authority. At the time the Authority came under my Ministry. But, we pointed out that it was best that this institution be taken over under the Urban Development Authority.”

“Accordingly, it is now under the UDA, technically under my Ministry. Therefore I very earnestly urge that this institution not be listed as a Non-strategic businesses which will be detrimental both to Good Governance and the environment,” said Ranawaka.

Meanwhile, we also exposed proposed plans to sell Lanka Hospital shares which was not included in the Budget and due to the pouring in of complains in this regard, and the response by the President, the proposed plan has been postponed indefinitely.