Nov 19, 2016

Prominent journalist to be arrested over misappropriation of state funds? Featured

A prominent journalist of a weekend newspaper is expected to be arrested by the FCID shortly over allegations of misuse of state property and misappropriation of state funds, FCID internal sources revealed.

The journalist had allegedly rented a private vehicle to the State Engineering Corporation which was functioning under Wimal Weerawansa’s Construction and Engineering Services Ministry during the previous regime and had allegedly obtained Rs. 5.4 million as fuel allowances.

In addition he is also facing allegations over a number of financial and state resources misappropriation charges.

This journalist who was summoned by the FCID last week had recorded a statement at the FCID last week, FCID sources told Sri Lanka Mirror.

The journalist is believed to be a close associate of former Minister Wimal Weerawansa and using his close ties he had obtained all advertising of the Ministry and its affiliated organisations through a company of the son-in-law of the Chief Editor of a leading Sinhala newspaper of his media institution.

Meanwhile, knowing that this journalist is facing such allegations, the Chief Editor of the popular newspaper had used him as his representative during the recent past.

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