Nov 19, 2016

Anuradhapura Monastery forcibly acquired Featured

Venerable Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thera has forcibly acquired a land belonging to a mother of five who is also a Samurdhi recipient in Anuradhapura to construct a branch of his monastery.

The two acre land that has been forcibly acquired is located at Watawandana road, Lolugaswewa, Anuradhapura.

In 1980 this land was given to S. Amarasekara of Lolugaswewa through an annual licence.

However a branch of Venerable Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thera’s monastery ‘Dhamma Chaithya’ had been built on this land now belonging to Amarasekara’s wife K. Sumanaseeli.

Amarasekara’s family had built a house on the land that was given to them in 1980, in the year 1986, on a concessionary loan obtained from the Housing Authority.

The monk with no empathy

The Amarasekara family had temporarily gone to live with her mother and had rented out the Lolugaswewa land to a businessman for a temporary workshop. However after the demise of the businessman his son had sold the land to Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thera.

However, although the monk had later been shown the title deeds lawfully belonging to S. Amarasekara and K. Sumanaseeli, but the monk had not been sympathetic enough to heed their pleas.
Eventually the issue had been dealt by the mediation board which had notified the monk to hand over the land to the rightful owners.

However, the monk had refused to hand over the land to the complainant but had agreed to pay her Rs. 50,000 as compensation.

Disregarding court orders

Meanwhile, Sumanaseeli had filed a law suit No. 22216/L in the Anuradhapura District Court against the monk on charges of forcibly acquiring her land.

Eventually the court determined that the land rightfully belonged to Sumanaseeli.

The respondent had avoided responding to the court order but had later filed an appeal in the North Central District Civil Appeals Court.

The Appeals Court too had issued a verdict confirming that the rightful ownership of the land belonged to Sumanaseeli.

Although the registrar had gone to the said land subsequent to the court ruling in order to hand it back to the rightful owner, the monk had refused claiming that he had purchased the surrounding lands and that the boundaries of the land had been changed.

Even though the court proceedings had been completed and the verdict given that the land belonged to Sumanaseeli, the monk is still adamant and refuses to hand over the land to the Amarasekara family.