Nov 19, 2016

Lasantha’s remains reburied Featured

The remains of the founding Editor of The Sunday Leader newspaper, Lasantha Wickrematunge that were exhumed in September this year to conduct a fresh autopsy, has been reburied.

The reburial of Wickrematunge’s remains it is learnt, had taken place on the 5th of this month following a court order taken by family members after the conclusion of the autopsy.

The remains of Wickrematunge that were exhumed from a burial plot at the Borella cemetery was reburied at the same location.

Lasantha Wickrematunge’s remains were in the custody of the CID and as the autopsy had been concluded, his brother Lal Wickrematunge had obtained a court order from the Mount Lavinia Magistrate’s Court for the release of his brother’s remains and for the reburial.

Due to inconsistencies:

Due to the inconsistencies in the autopsy and Government Analysts report, the Mount Lavinia Magistrate Mohommed Sahabdeen, taking into consideration a request made by the CID, had ordered Wickrematunge’s remains to be exhumed on September 8th and a fresh autopsy to be carried out by a panel of medical experts.

Accordingly, the remains of Wickrematunge was exhumed on September 27 in the presence of Colombo Additional Magistrate Mohommed Mihal.

Journalist Lasantha Wickrematunge was on his way to the office on January 8th, 2009 when he was murdered on the Attidiya, Kawdana road.

The Military intelligence sergeant Prem Ananda Udulagama who was taken into custody in connection with the murder, was released on bail on October 27 this year.