Nov 18, 2016

Sri Lanka’s historic crafts to go hi tech

Sri Lanka’s historic craft traditions are set to go hi-tech while the craftsmen themselves are set to receive international craft exposure. And the country’s national crafts expo series has for the first time, expanded to include SAARC region’s arts and crafts.

“It is time we bring in new technologies to this sector. Together with our Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure, we are planning to introduce new tech to Sri Lankan crafts sector” announced Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on 17 November.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe was addressing the inauguration event of Shilpa Abhimani–2016 Presidential Awards and Handicrafts Exhibition by the National Crafts Council (NCC) of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce at BMICH on 17 November. The high level crafts and arts expo by the NCC is aimed at uplifting the quality of Sri Lanka’s craftsmen and their produce. Taking part at this year’s event –along with with the 100 Lankan exhibitors-are 30 visiting craftsmen from SAARC countries of Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal.

“Not every Sri Lankan completes their higher education in full and many of them want to take up other avenues of skilled livelihood such as arts and crafts. We need to provide a permanent income to present and future Sri Lankan craftsmen. We want to modernise this sector as well. It is time we bring in new technologies to this sector, he said.

Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen joined Prime Minister Wickremesinghe’s call to bring hi tech to this historic sector. “Crafts and designs are very competitive and increasingly market driven. Therefore it is important for our craftsmen to be up to date in their work.

The organisers expect more than 30000 participants to the Shilpa Abhimani show that concludes on 20 November at BMICH.