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Oct 12, 2017

Sri Lankan sentenced to life imprisonment in Saudi Arabia Featured

A Sri Lankan worker has been sentenced to life imprisonment in Saudi Arabia after being convicted two times for the same crime, says the Asian Human Rights Commission.

The AHRC says it has received information that D M Jayawardena, a driver, was involved in a traffic accident which resulted in minor damage to the other vehicle on 14 November 2013.

He was convicted, imprisoned for two weeks, released and returned to Sri Lanka.

But when he returned to Saudi Arabia again to continue his job, he was re-arrested, prosecuted and ordered to pay Rs. 2,500,000.

The order said that if he failed to pay the money he would be sentenced to life imprisonment.

At the moment he is serving his prison term due to inability to pay the exceptionally huge sum.

He was convicted two times for the same crime, did not understand the court proceedings due to the language barrier and lack of legal representation and assistance from the Sri Lankan Embassy, says AHRC.

Although the relatives complained to the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau, its officers have yet to set up an impartial, independent, professional investigation into their complaint.

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