Sep 05, 2017

Podi Saadu molests Podi Saadu

A 11-year-old novice monk had been sexually molested by another 22-year-old junior monk at at a temple in Arachchikattuwa-Bandarahena. The older monk had been arrested by the Arachchikattuwa Police in this regard yesterday (04).

The victim is currently receiving treatment at the Chilaw hospital.

The victimized monk and another junior monk had been residing at this temple. This incident had taken place after the other junior monks at the temple had left their robes and gone.

As this junior monk was afraid to sleep alone at night, the suspect monk had taken him into his chambers.

He had been molested for the first time on August 31.

Thereafter he had sexually molested the junior monk on several occasions, according to the police.

Later the Chilaw hospital police had notified the Arachchikattuwa Police and the suspect junior monk was taken into custody.

Arachchikattuwa Police are conducting further investigations.