Maithri Yugayak Thirasara Sanwardanayak
Aug 13, 2017

Most dangerous drugs available in Sri Lanka! Featured

Hashish, considered one of the most dangerous narcotic drugs, is being smuggled into Sri Lanka by Muslim drug traffickers, a visiting Brazilian anti-narcotics team reveals.

Heroin takes six to seven years to ruin a human life, but hashish does that within a matter of days, ‘Rivira’ says.

Quoting law enforcement authorities the newspaper says that the synthetic drugs are also circulating in the island.

Kerala ganga

Cannabis or Ganja smuggled in from Kerala, India is sold for around Rs. 125,000 per kilo in Sri Lanka.

Its addicts of then turn to the more powerful heroin.

The police anti-narcotic units have revealed that dealers add formaldehyde to the locally-produced ganja and sell them as Kerala ganga.

Local ganja is sold at around Rs. 10,000 a kilo.

There are LSD synthetic stamps that can be pasted on the tongue.

A card, priced around Rs. 80,000, has 20 such stickers.

Kush used by the affluent

Kush is used by affluent youths as it costs around Rs. 2.5 million a kilo.

Brazilian experts say kush is produced from a cannabis plant cultivated inside glass boxes at green houses.

Loopholes in the law

There are many loopholes in the law through which the racketeers can escape.

If caught with ganja, Kerala ganja or kush, the fine is as same as that for ganja.

Also, racketeers can obtain bail at courts.

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