Aug 08, 2017

Charity seeks donations for school supplies project

The Outreachers Benevolent Society has launched a project with a projected budget of Rs. 783,455 to provide supplies to 82 schoolchildren in rural areas.

These children are students of three schools in Balangoda - Bowatta Vidyalaya, Mulgama Vidyalaya and Watawala Vidyalaya.

The Outreachers Benevolent Society is a faith-based charity formed by graduates of Sri Jayewardenepura University to respond to education development through community-based integrated projects.

It has opened an account (no. 75289597) at the Gampaha branch of Bank of Ceylon to which well-wishers could contribute donations.

Based at Thalapathpitiya in Nugegoda, the charity has previously provided supplies worth more than Rs. 1.6 million to four rural schools.