Aug 05, 2017

Mattala airport to India! Featured

Discussions have commenced to hand over the Mattala airport to an Indian investor, Transport and Civil Aviation Deputy Minister Ashoka Abeysinghe said.

He said the discussions between the Indian investor and the Government has proved fruitful.

He further said;

Monthly debt payment Rs. 300 million

“The income generated from the Mattala airport is Rs. 4 million and the expenditure is 25 million. Only three aircrafts land there per day, while Rs. 300 million is needed monthly to pay back the debt.”
He said at the rate of Rs. 3.6 billion per year the loan has to be paid for the next eight years, he said.

The minister said the Rajapaks regime had spent Rs. 40 billion for the construction of the Mattala airport, adding that the government can no longer bear the burden of having to pay back such a huge loan. Hence he said as the government did with the Hambantota port, they would find a foreign investor for the Mattala airport as well, he said.