Aug 05, 2017

President ready to clean up government!

The good governance regime was set up with the intention of establishing clean governance in the country, but currently it is being contaminated. Hence it needs to be cleaned up fast in order to establish good governance, President Maithripala Sirisena had said at the SLFP All Ceylon Working Committee meeting.

The President had expressed dissatisfaction at the manner in which the current government has been contaminated in such a short period, adding that he had left the previous government and established this government with the aim of changing the corrupt nature of the previous government.

Hence he said he was determined to establish a clean government by removing these corrupt elements within the government, no matter what challenges he has to face.

The President severely warned that it was he who had the people’s mandate and power and he would not hesitate to take the initiative to make the necessary changes.

Expressing his views on the President’s statement, an SLFP senior minister told media that potent changes would be made within the government in the future.

He had also warned that revisions can be expected on several ministries in the future.