Aug 05, 2017

Sunday Leader – Irudina publication halted!

The Sunday Leader and Irudina newspapers under Leader Publications will not be published this weekend, it is reported.

A senior of the company told Sri Lanka Mirror that publication had been stopped this week due to the lack of funds to purchase printing paper.

He further stated that advisor to the company Ruwan Gallage had fled due to the protest of the workers, hampering the printing activities.

Meanwhile, it was revealed at the Treasury bond investigations that Ruwan Gallage had urged Arjun Alloysius to provide funds for salaries of the employees of these newspapers.

The head of the newspaper also told Mirror that towards the latter stages it was Foreign Minister Ravi Karunanayake who provided the funds for the operation of these newspapers.

He had arranged for the salaries of some of the the employees to be paid, but others have not been paid for over two months, it is reported.