Aug 05, 2017

Why is only my father to blame?- Onella Karunanayake Featured

Foreign Minister Ravi Karunanayake has been in the spotlight  during the recent past over the Treasury bond scam issue. However, based on testimonies and other evidences presented to the Commission, it is quite evident that there are others too involved in this issue.

According to Ravi Karunanayake’s daughter Onella, who for the first time has taken to social media to defend her father, she repeatedly questions why only her father is being implicated in such a huge government.

Following is Onella's full Facebook post:

"Am not at all a person who uses social media to express views or thoughts in lengthy status messages but i fell that sadly today it has come to a point where i feel i at least have to voice out my thoughts on the same platforms that my family is getting character assassinated on.

I have seen many articles circulated all around social media about my father for a very long time but for the first time i feel i need to intervene and speak out cause this particular time it is a malicious constant attack on his character that is orchestrated by others who aim to achieve other things trying to make my father a fall man.

I see everyone very easily resharing content on many pages on social media but all have only one name. My father’s name. Does everyone really believe for the last couple years everything in the government is just one man and that we have been getting hit cause we deserve it or that maybe there is a pattern to this madness now?

I know that when situations arise we all want to get to the bottom of things and find someone responsible for it but are u sure that all the sites carry facts or have you ever though that this could be well planned and paid attempts from others in politics who would need to cover up there sins by directing all negative attention to one man?

Everyone is entitled to freedom of speech but with freedom of speech also comes the responsibility to know all the true facts and figures and not only the damaging views that are paid to catch on to all.

I cannot change everyones opinions about how you see my family but i respectfully just ask you to think before you fall prey to these well paid character assassins targeting just one man constantly.

I have learnt bitterly over the years that politics is a dirty game and some in it will stop at nothing to achieve the individual goals no matter who they hurt along the way.

So if you have actually taken time to read through this fully all i want to ask you at the end is please think. Thinking can one man do everything all the time? Can one man always be doing these things jus to get negative publicity or is he actually being framed and made to be the fall man again and again?

Please all i ask you is to think before u form a one sided opinion cause again like i have learnt the hard ways politics is not how it appears to be. Think if u have all the facts cause i know that you will be surprised if u really sit to think whats going on.

Just ask yourself? Why only one mans name comes up all the time in such a huge government?

Again everyone is free to think how they see it from the facts they have but i have now given you a small view from my family's side. So please just open your eyes and think a little because in this instance its not any commission but the media and the public that has been the judge, jury and executioner.

Like my father said after visiting the commission that day and coming out:

"I can accept the spearing of an enemy's arrow but the pin pricking of friends is much more hurtful," she said.