Aug 05, 2017

‘Take a decision on Ravi’- President tells PM! Featured

The President had notified the Prime Minister through a prominent Cabinet Minister, to take a decision regarding current Foreign Minister and former Finance Minister, Ravi Karunanayake who is facing allegations over the Sri Lanka Central Bank Treasury bond issue, reliable sources revealed.

These sources said, the President had pointed out that in the face of these allegations, allowing Ravi to remain in the government was problematic not only for the government but a grave issue for his as well.

Hence, the best remedy would be for Ravi Karunanayake to resign from his ministerial post, the President has said, the high level sources revealed.

When Sri Lanka Mirror contacted a Presidential Secretariat media division high ranking official regarding the reports that President Sirisena had informed Karunanayake to step down from his post, he said they were not aware of such a notification.