Jul 25, 2017

CPC filling stations’ stocks will be exhausted by midnight Featured

Update – Fuel supplied to 1,200 filling stations run by the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation across the country will be exhausted by midnight today (25), say CPC sources.

Normally, the CPC at a time supplies fuel enough for an eight day period.

However, with the CPC workers on strike, consumers are queuing up at filling stations, resulting in the stocks being used up prematurely.

Distribution to the south takes places through Lanka IOC’s facility in Colombo, but supplies for that too, have come to a standstill.

Jet fuel too, is stocked for a four day period, and in the event the strike drags on, flight services will be affected as well.

Lanka IOC makes elaborate plans

Meanwhile, Lanka IOC says it has made elaborate plans to distribute fuel island wide from its storage complex in Trincomalee.

Its managing director Shyam Borah said additional bowzers would be deployed to distribute the fuel to its 202 filling stations in the country.

If the CPC strike continues, these filling stations will be kept open throughout the day, he said.

Strike a success

Meanwhile, CPC trade unions convener D.J. Rajakaruna said their strike has been a success.

He urged the government to reconsider its decision to handover the oil tank complex in Trincomalee to India.

The matter is due to be taken up for discussion at the cabinet meeting today.

The strike will continue until the demands are met, Rajakaruna added.