Jul 19, 2017

Ceylon Tea party attracts world’s biggest tea consumer

At Ceylon Tea’s 150 year celebrations, the Global Ceylon Tea Party has hooked the biggest tea company in the world’s largest per capita tea market.

Beta Food Industry and Trade Inc is one of the largest firms in the tea trade, stressed Chairman of Tea Food Industry and Trade’s Besir Ugur, who is also the Chairman of Turkey’s Foreign Economic Relations Board’s (DEIK) Sri Lanka Business Council.

Beta Tea Chairman Ugur was meeting Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen at the Ministry offices on 19 July. Joining the discussion was Turkish Ambassador to Sri Lanka Tunca Özçuhadar.

He said was greatly inspired by the Global Ceylon Tea Party event held in Ankara.and his company a major importer of Ceylon Tea and they use it heavily in their blends in Turkey” said Beta Tea Chairman Ugur and added: “Our tea brand in Beta Tea and our firm, Beta Food Industry and Trade Inc is one of the largest firms in Turkey with branches in 16 countries.

In fact, Beta Food Industry and Trade Inc is the 12th largest tea firm in the world. The Ceylon Tea are sold in Turkey, and Central Asia.

Minister Bathiudeen said: “According to the Department of Commerce of Sri Lanka , two thirds of annual exports to Turkey is Ceylon Tea. In fact, Turkey was the fourth largest buyer of Ceylon Tea after Iran, Russia and Iraq, last year. Also the country exported $ 1.2 Bn of tea to the world last year and 8% of it was taken by Turkey.