Jul 17, 2017

Angoda Lokka, Ladiya in Indian detention camp Featured

Law enforcement authorities say there is no truth to reports that Angoda Lokka, the main accused in the Kalutara prison bus shooting that killed Kaduwela Samayan and six others, and another identified as Ladiya have escaped while in the custody of India.

A weekend newspaper says the Sri Lankan High Commission in Chennai has confirmed that they were being kept at the Pushpal open detention camp at Lakshmi Nagar.

The two were arrested on a charge of violating immigration and emigration laws, remanded and granted bail.

They have been at the detention camp since June 09.

They CID has informed India that they are wanted for murder and other serious crimes.

While under detention, Angoda Lokka had managed to telephone his friends in Sri Lanka and told them they had escaped after getting bail, police say.