Jun 30, 2017

Interpol assistance for Udayanga’s arrest Featured

The FCID is seeking Interpol assistance to arrest Udayanga Weeratunga, against whom international arrest warrants have been issued.

Wanted in connection with several serious financial frauds, including the MiG deal, he has fled the country without facing the investigations, says the FCID.

Interpol has already searched several locations where he had reportedly been in hiding.

However, Weeratunga is changing his passport and has turned fugitive, the FCID says.

It has sent red notices to several countries for his arrest.

Frauds of many millions

Meanwhile, the FCID has requested information from 82 countries in connection with the fraud investigations it is carrying out.

Taken altogether, all the frauds could amount to many millions of rupees, it says.

It says the countries are assisting through diplomatic missions and supplying the required information.