Jun 29, 2017

Handover of Neville Fernando Hospital to govt. on July 15 Featured

The management of Neville Fernando Private Hospital at Malabe has decided to handover the hospital to the government on July 15.

Hospital chairman Dr. Neville Fernando has told ‘Divaina’ the decision was taken pursuant to a cabinet decision to take over the hospital.

He also accused the GMOA of being behind those who opposed SAITM, and that they were bent of achieving their petty advantages without considering the patients’ plight.

Govt. explains

Dayasiri 670px 04 02 17
Full govt. ownership after 10 years

Meanwhile, co-cabinet spokesman Dayasiri Jayasekara told the media yesterday the government would fully own the hospital in 10 years, after clearing the loan obtained by SAITM from the Bank of Ceylon to build the hospital.

Treatment will be free of charge

Gayanthakarunathilaka 670px 19 06 17
To be managed by a board like Jayewardenepura Hospital

Also speaking here, co-cabinet spokesman Gayntha Karunatilake said the hospital would be managed by a board appointed by the health ministry in a structure similar to Sri Jayewardenepura Hospital and that the treatments there will be given free of charge.

Started in 2013 with 600 beds, it gained a gradual expansion that treats around 3,000 outpatients and 100 in-house patients per month.

However, due to the prevailing situation, the hospital has been unable to attract a number of patients adequate to give clinical training for the SAITM medical students.

Valued at Rs. 3.55 billion

With its value estimated at Rs. 3.55 billion, the Neville Fernando Hospital is useful due to the limited number of tertiary health services providers in the Colombo East area, and is easily accessible due to its close proximity to the southern highway.