Ending Ramadan fasting in Colombo Ending Ramadan fasting in Colombo
Jun 27, 2017

‘Save Islam from Muslim extremists’ – Kabir Hashim Featured

State enterprise development minister Kabir Hashim says Muslims the world over are being opposed due to actions of extremists who claim to appear on behalf of Islam.

Muslims themselves have a responsibility to change that and to show to the world the real Islam, he told an annual lunch organized by Sri Lanka Muslim League for Muslim inmates at Mahara prison to end Ramadan fasting.

This is a very challenging time for Muslims, who are facing a big propaganda against Islam internationally, he said.

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Minister Kabir Hashim

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Mahara prison inmates end Ramadan fasting

Hashim recalled how SLML, together with Sinhala Maha Sabha and Tamil Congress, fought to gain independence for Sri Lanka, and noted Muslims got together with Sinhala kings to fight against invaders.

The SLML has been offering the lunch to end Ramadan fasting for more than 60 years now.

Speaking further, the minister said there were certain issues with regard to returning prison inmates to society after rehabilitation.

A cabinet paper will be submitted, as a solution, to enable a pardon for those serving long-term sentences in accordance with the law, he said.

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