Jun 26, 2017

Muslims celebrate Ifthar at Buddhist temple Featured

Marking amity between the temple and the mosque, a group of Muslims celebrated Ifthar at the end of Ramadan fasting at a Buddhist temple, according to BBC Sinhala Service.

The occasion took place at Uchchavalika Purana Rajamaha Vihara at Bolana in Ambalantota.

Chief incumbent Ven. Beragama Nandasiri Thera, other prelates and patrons sponsored the event.

Nandasiri Thera said they aspired for religious coexistence, as preached by Lord Buddha and valued highly by Buddhist monks.

He said the Ifthar ceremony was organized at the temple in consultation with A.K.T. Toufiq Moulavi of Al-Masdul Arushiya Jumma Mosque.

The village has Sinhala, Muslim and Tamil communities, where Muslims offer alms to the temple and they thought of mark their religious occasions at the temple for religious coexistence, he said.

Hambantota district leader of Sri Lanka Tabliq Jamath T.R. Wansar said he participated on such an occasion for the first time.

The incumbents of the temple and the laity united to prove that all are equal, he said, adding that if Buddhist monks corrected society at the village level, society will have not many problems.