Jun 25, 2017

Ethanol racketeer influences FCID probe into pyramid scam Featured

An ethanol racketeer is influencing FCID investigations into a company which allegedly sends money to Malaysia through the pyramid scam, ‘Irida Rivira’ reports.

His wife is said to be a director the company.

Tamils in Malaysia have channeled many millions of rupees to influence the probe that has been ordered by the president and the IGP.

After the newspaper exposed the scam on April 30, a racketeer posing off as a captain in the Army intelligence had met its masterminds at Athurugiriya and demanded Rs. two million to prevent further revelations by the newspaper.

Already, half of the extortion money has been paid, but their meeting has been captured in CCTV cameras.

The FCID is also investigating the extortionist, who had been expelled from the Army for misconduct, as he had warned the racketeers that they would be arrested by the FCID.

He had accompanied those involved in the pyramid scam to the FCID, with a promise to get the investigation files covered up.

He had gone inside alone, returned with a file and received the money in return for that file, which he had faked with the support of corrupt junior officers in the FCID.