Jun 25, 2017

Ivan Dissanayake to be Inland Revenue chief! Featured

Acting commissioner general of the Department of Inland Revenue general Ivan Dissanayake is expected to be given permanency in the job, say government sources.

Kalyani Dassanayake, who was commissioner general of the Department, retired on June 22.

The finance secretary has made a written notification that Dassanayake’s appointment, subjected to the approval of the cabinet, has been made on an acting basis.

The cabinet has appointed a three-member committee to select a qualified person for the position and its decision is to be submitted to the ministers at their meeting on June 27.

Government sources say the normal procedure is to appoint the most senior officer in the special grade in the Inland Revenue service to the position, as approved by the cabinet in June 2015.

This is also the case as per the services constitution of the Department.

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Wasanthi Manchanayake sidelined after govt. change

If those guidelines are to be followed, Wasanthi Manchanayake is the officer who should be the next commissioner general of Inland Revenue.

She held that position in 2014, but with the government change, she was replaced with Dassanayake.