Jun 24, 2017

GMOA met with President after calling off strike!

The GMOA had called off the strike prior to meeting with the President this morning, according to Presidential Secretariat sources.

The President had refused to meet with the GMOA unless they called off the strike first.

It is reported that the GMOA had sought a meeting with the President through the mediation of the Deputy Director General of the Health Ministry Dr. Amal Harsha de Silva.

Four promises a lie!

Many matters included in the statement issued by the GMOA under the signature of its Secretary Dr. Navin de Zoysa, claiming that they had agreed on four conditions during the discussion they had with the President this morning are false, said a senior official of the President’s office.

It is reported that the President’s media unit intends to rectify these errors and issue a statement tomorrow (25).

The President had clearly stated at the meeting that he would not take any measures to abolish SAITM not stop its operations, but had said that new laws will be presented to the Cabinet next week pertaining to streamlining the private universities.

It is also stated that the GMOA had requested for the proposed changes to be given to them in writing, but the President had refused.