Jun 24, 2017

President agrees with four GMOA conditions!

The GMOA issuing a statement under the signature of its Secretary Dr. Navin de Zoysa, said they had agreed on four conditions during the discussion they had with the President this morning.

The first condition was to expedite the legal process for the suspension of admissions and awarding of degrees.

The second condition according to the statement, was to submit the core essence of the government’s stand on the SITM issue to the Supreme Court through the AG.

The third condition the two parties had agreed on was to not allow the GMOA President or the Council’s independence to be jeopardised.

The next was to come up with a plan to provide solutions to issues that arises due to the SAITM crisis in a manner that will not affect the people.

The GMOA had agreed to suspend their strike action subsequent to the meeting they had with the President and having reached an agreement.

The strike action by the GMOA continued this morning for the third day causing great inconvenience to patients and operations of state hospitals.