Jun 24, 2017

SAITM festers – Govt. in jeopardy! Featured

The government could face a grave situation in the future due to its tough handed stance to quell SAITM protests by means of force, intelligence units have warned.

On June 20, the IUSF protesters agitating against SAITM had entered the Health Ministry premises subsequent to their protest march.

Following the assault by the STF on the protesting students, 87 were hospitalised.

Meanwhile the government has decided to take action under the Public Property Act, against the protestors over the entry into the Health Ministry premises.


After the inhumane assault…...

However, the country’s middle class population which is the driving factor of the country, has been highly critical of the government’s handling of the student protests in recent times over the SAITM issue, where on many occasions police brutality was used and students were attacked using tear gas and water cannons injuring many students.

Intelligence units have pointed out that as university students, intern doctors, the GMOA including over 40,000 are directly opposing the SAITM issue, with the participation of the family members of this number, it could develop into a powerful force in the future.

Meanwhile Government Ministers including Patali Champika and other prominent ministers, MP’s representing the government, and a group of SLFP and UNP activists have expressed displeasure over the government’s handling of the SAITM issue.