Jun 24, 2017

Information on Sri Lanka's multi-millionaire revealed!

There are 170 multi-millionaires owning assets of over $ 10 million, living in the Colombo district alone, according to the British wealth report by Knight Frank for the year 2016.

The report further revealed that there are over 5,000 such multi-millionaires in the whole of Sri Lanka.  

Of this, 3,400 of these multi-billionaires live in the Colombo city.

The report has also predicted that by 2026 the number of millionaires in Sri Lanka is expected to rise to 13,000, while the multi-millionaires living in Colombo is expected to increase to 26.

The list of the 07 wealthiest businessmen in Sri Lanka has also been released according to stock market transactions. It has revealed that 8% of the stock market is controlled by the businesses owned by these 07 wealthiest persons.

According to the Knight Frank wealth report the most number of multi-millionaires  owning wealth over $10 million live in New York city (15,180) followed by London reporting 12,070 multi-millionaires.