Jun 23, 2017

“The country’s disaster management communication primitive”

The country’s disaster management communication facilities are still at a very primitive level, said Pahiyangala Ananda Sagara Thera.

The Thera made this comment participating in the national disaster management meeting held at SEMA Institute yesterday (22).

He pointed out that the residents of Bulathsinhala, Agalawatte and Kalutara were made aware of the danger posed during the recent floods and landslides, only through word of mouth.

Although there are many indepth discussions being held with regard to development, the country still lacks a proper warning system to notify people of impending dangers.

Development or Disaster – Hemantha Withanage

Participating in the discussion, senior environmentalist Hemantha Withanage said prior to discussions on development, discussions on the environment should be initiated first.

He also pinted out that most projects carried out in the name of development was the cause for most of the disasters and added that it is the weakness in disaster management measures that has led to this situation.

Instinct not knowledge – Dhamma Dissanayake

According to senior lecturer of the Colombo University, Dhamma Dissanayake, preference should be given to instinct and not knowledge in the case of disaster.

He accused the ruling class of exploiting the environment by misusing state power.

Basic vision is needed – Rathana Thera

Expressing his views on the issue, Athuraliya Rathana Thera said before everything else basic vision is needed to prevent disasters and management of such disasters.