Jun 23, 2017

Mangala wants policy on liquor outlets (videlo) Featured

The country’s laws should be amended to suit the times and there should be a policy on liquor outlets, finance and media minister Mangala Samaraweera told parliament yesterday (22).

At the House debate on two Excise Act notifications, he said drinkers of beer and wine, which are not harmful to health, should be given concessions, and that he personally believed the issuance of permits for same should be relaxed.

(video courtesy Hiru)

According to him, liquor consumption has become a big issue today, as 61 per cent use illicitly-brewed liquor.

An increase in the permit charge in turn increases the illicit liquor consumption, he said, therefore, a mechanism would be in place for the issuance of the permits.

Also, on days liquor outlets are closed, illicit liquor production and sales increase, Samaraweera noted.

Therefore, outdated laws should be amended, and a relevant policy would be formulated and submitted to parliament for a decision to be taken, he adde