Jun 22, 2017

Road to Kukule Ganga still remains inaccessible Featured

The main road to Kukule Ganga hydropower plant via Molkawa, Matugama and Kalawana remains inaccessible a month after it was blocked by a landslide of the Kottegoda mountain.

The Kottegoda mountain is located near the Meepagama reservoir that supplies the hydropower plant.

Vehicular traffic on this road has been at a standstill, affecting vehicles that transport tea leaves to factories and those belonging to the Army and the Ceylon Electricity Board.

On an average day, the road used to be frequented by around 1,000 vehicles.

Now, these vehicles have to go via difficult and roundabout roads.

Electrical engineer at Kukule Ganga hydropower plant Shantha Perera says they are forced to stop their vehicles around two kilometres away and complete the rest of the journey by foot.