Jun 22, 2017

Perodua’s first energy efficient Sedan enters local market

Malaysian auto company ‘Perodua’ continues expanding car sales in Sri Lanka with launch of Bezza the brand’s first Energy Efficient Sedan (EEV) at a glittering ceremony in Colombo.

The unveiling of Bezza took place at the King’s Court, Cinnamon Lakeside under the patronage of the Malaysian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka Wan Zaidi Wan Abdullah, President and CEO of Perodua Datuk (Dr) Aminar Rashid Salleh and Executive Director of Perodua Takamasa Kurinami.

The island nation is the second to receive this car after Mauritius last month, and this Malaysian company is said to be the second largest export market for the brand, with 14,000 vehicles being sold in the country since 1997, officials of local distributer Unimo Enterprises said.

Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director of United Motors Group Chanaka Yatawara said, their subsidiary firm maintains a longstanding relationship of almost two decades of representing Perodua in Sri Lanka and it has introduced highly successful models such as the Kelisa, Viva and Axia to local vehicle market.

Perodua car exports to Sri Lanka began in 1997 with the Kancil followed in later years by the Kenari, Kelisa, and Viva. At present, the Bezza joins the Axia, he disclosed.

Currently, Unimo imports the Perodua Axia, which sold 1, 400 units last year and now the Bezza which will cost Rs. 3.69 million he added.

The Bezza is not just the first EEV Sedan from Perodua but also the first compact sedan that promises to be different from any other sedan, he pointed out.

The 1000cc Bezza has won many accolades including the Malaysian Car of the Year in 2016, Asean NCAP Grand Prix Award in 2016, and the Carsifu Editor’s Choice Award for the Best Family Ride of the Year in 2016.

Bezza has four-speed automatic electronically controlled gear system, aerodynamic design for fuel efficiency and a spacious ergonomically designed interior. Backed by the quality standards, and research and development of global vehicle giants Daihatsu, the Perodua Bezza will be marketed in Sri Lankan with a 2 years/50,000km manufacturer’s warranty.