Compulsory order for SLFP MPs Compulsory order for SLFP MPs
Jun 15, 2017

Sri Lanka to be ‘unitary’ or ‘united’, SLFP stand today! Featured

The SLFP is due to decide today (15) its stand as to whether Sri Lanka should be a ‘unitary’ or a ‘united’ country under the proposed constitution, say party sources.

As leader of the party, president Maithripala Sirisena has instructed that all its MPs should attend a meeting at his official residence to take the decision.

The SLFP’s having two stands with regard to ‘unitary’ status will come under discussion.

The party is yet to submit its proposals or views despite the steering committee of the Constitutional Assembly having already tabled six of its reports to parliament on related matters.

After a preliminary round of talks at its central committee, it appointed a committee headed by Nimal Siripala de Silva, but that committee is yet to make any proposals.

The steering committee of the Constitutional Assembly at a meeting on May 25 decided that parliament will take the decision if Sri Lanka should be ‘unitary’ or ‘united’ under the new constitution.

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