Jun 13, 2017

Kavinga, Srinath almost come to blows at meeting Featured

An argument went too far between UNP MP Kavinda Jayawardena and provincial councilor from the same party Srinath Perera at the Jaela regional development committee meeting yesterday (12).

The two almost came to blows over a Rs. 200,000 allocation to develop a temple in the area, but ex-minister Felix Perera intervened and separated them.

The prime minister has allocated the money, with Jayawardena wanting it to be given through the divisional secretary.

However, Perera claimed that would lead to fraud and wanted the money to be given to the temple’s trust fund.

The MP called him a ‘madman’ during the argument.

When contacted, Jayawardena told Sri Lanka Mirror that the PC member was jealous of him that he would obtain more votes by serving the people.