Jun 13, 2017

M.G. Dhanushka pleads guilty

M.G. Dhanushka who became popular by singing a song titled “Hiss Tin Ekak” yesterday pleaded guilty to charges levelled against him under Intellectual Property Act for singing the songs of late M.S.Fernando without permission.

He was ordered to be released from the case on several conditions by Chief Magistrate Lal Ranasinghe Bandara. Meanwhile, Court issued an order directing the accused not to sing any song belonging to late M.S. Fernando for a period of three years. Accordingly, young singer was ordered to be released on a personal bond of Rs.500,000 with two sureties.

The Chief Magistrate decided to release the accused from the case in terms of section 306 of the Criminal Procedure Code after taking into consideration the facts that he had made a payment of Rs.300,000 to the aggrieved party, pleading guilty to the charges at the inception and giving an under taking not to repeat the same offence. Young singer M .G. Dhanushka who became popular by singing “Hiss Tin Ekak” was charged to have performed on public stages singing the songs of veteran Baila maestro late M. S. Fernando for commercial purposes. In a complaint to the CID, Sarath Fernando, the son of M. S. Fernando alleged that the suspect had damaged the reputation and the goodwill of late M. S. Fernando by singing his songs in public without permission.

He further alleged that the suspect had infringed the intellectual Property Rights of M. S. Fernando intentionally by performing in public.