Jun 10, 2017

Condition change lands Tender in Sumal's lap Featured

Conditions of a Tender called to purchase skid-steer loaders to the ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government have been reportedly changed to enable a business venture of Sumal Perera obtain the Tender.

A new condition calling for bidders with three years of experience has been added to the Tender calling.

According to reports, the ministry has called for Tenders to purchase 14 skid-steer loaders last year as well, after including additional conditions.

Last year, Diesel & Motor Engineering Plc (DIMO) and Sumal Perera's Senok trade combine (private) limited emerged as the final bidders, placing bids of Rs. 61,516,000.00 and Rs. 69,379,300.00 respectively. Accordingly, the Tender was obtained by DIMO.

However, this year's new condition has prevented DIMO from even qualifying as a bidder.

Sources say that this measure is highly suspicious and that the ministry is accountable for the last year's winning bidder from being disqualified this year.

Additional grants

Meanwhile, a proposal was tabled during the Cabinet meeting on June 06, 2017 to procure extra vehicles and equipment to Local Government institutes as the present available vehicles and equipment are not sufficient to tackle the collected piles of garbage, in the wake of the recent disaster situation.

A joint proposal made by Minister of Disaster Management - Anura Priyadarshana Yapa, and Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government - Faizer Mustafa, to provide additional funds of Rs. 100 million for purchasing of required vehicles and equipment to the Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government, was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.