Nov 04, 2016

Wimal’s daughter is in severe psychological trauma (video) Featured

The daughter of Wimal Weerawansa has lodged a complaint with the National Child Protection Authority over ‘unethical’ reporting in connection with the death of a youth at the home of the MP.

By connecting her to the death even as an investigation was underway, certain social media, websites and other media are causing severe psychological trauma to the 15-year-old, said her lawyer Premanath Dolewatte.

The insults against her are very wrong, illegal and do not take political advantage out of the matter, he asked, adding the girl could not attend school due to her condition.

Dolewatte, accompanied by the girl and her mother Shashi Weerawansa, handed over the complaint to the NCPA, together with details of the accused media outlets.

He added the authorities promised to investigate the matter.