May 28, 2017

Constitutional amendment to prevent Mahinda from becoming PM! Featured

The SLFP is of the opinion that the executive presidency should be abolished in such a manner that prevents ex-president Mahinda Rajapaksa from becoming the prime minister for a second time, ‘Sathhanda’ quotes Nimal Siripala de Silva as saying.

He has told several members of the steering committee of the Constitutional Council that the executive’s abolition should be done while also preventing a person from ruling the country twice.

The SLFP proposal intends preventing both Rajapaksa and his predecessor Chandrika Kumaratunga from becoming the head of state, who will be the PM in the event the executive presidency is abolished, again.

Anti-democratic - Ranil

However, the UNP has not commented on this, but party sources say its leader, PM Ranil Wickremesinghe sees it as being anti-democratic.

The 19th amendment prevents an executive presidency from running for office twice.

However, minority parties – TPA of Mano Ganeshan, SLMC of Rauff Hakeem, ACMC of Risath Bathiudeen and EPDP of Douglas Devananda are of the view that the executive presidency should not be abolished, and want its powers curtailed only.