Sep 23, 2022

Another tender to import coal; 21 coal ships in queue Featured

Public Utilities Commission Chairman Janaka Ratnayake said that Lanka Coal Company (Private) Limited has informed that they will call for a fresh tender in the next 60 days to import coal.

He said this tender will be called on the basis of making payments in six months and accordingly, previous tenders will be cancelled.

According to the latest tender, it is said that a request can be made to import coal into Sri Lanka from any country.

According to Mr. Ratnayake, any company registered or unregistered can make an application and if a company is not registered, they can apply for this tender based on the company's background and their experience.

Therefore, the Chairman said that no one can object to this tender.

He said that according to the new tender, there is no time to bring coal by next October. However, due to some luck of the country, he said 21 coal ships which were ordered last year are scheduled to arrive this year. "If we are able to provide money, we will be able to solve the coal issue," he said.