Aug 19, 2022

India has done its best to help SL - Jaishankar

Indian External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar says India has done the best of its abilities to assist Sri Lanka.
Jaishankar was responding to a series of questions after delivering a lecture on ‘India’s Vision of the Indo-Pacific’ at a University in Thailand.

Minister Jaishankar said “This year alone India had extended $3.8 billion of support to Sri Lanka, including line of credits and swap arrangements. Any help we can give to Sri Lanka at the International Monetary Fund that we will naturally do”.

On a separate note he said the relationship between India and China was going through an “extremely difficult phase” after what Beijing had done at the border and emphasised that the Asian Century would not happen if the two neighbours could not join hands.

He said “I think if India and China have to come together, there are many reasons to do so, not necessarily only Sri Lanka,” adding that it was in the own interest of India and China to join hands.