Aug 12, 2022

Abducted girl found after 8 days : 2 arrested!

Yesterday (11), two people were arrested for kidnapping an underaged girl in a joint operation by the police and the police special task force in the Udakiruwa reserve area of the Lunugala police area.

The abducted girl is a 14-year-old residing in the Lunugala area.

The two suspects who were arrested in connection with the kidnapping are 18- and 53-year-olds residing in the Lunugala and Beruwela areas.

The two suspects had kidnapped the girl and hid her in the Udakiruwa reserve for 8 days, when the police found her.

The two suspects were arrested and handed over to the Lunugala police station for further investigation. The police said that the girl will be sent to the Lunugala Hospital for a forensic examination.

It was revealed that the girl in question had been kidnapped on August 3rd, and according to a notification made by the Lunugala police, this joint raid was conducted by police special task force officers in Passara and Lunugala camps.