Aug 12, 2022

Over 500,000 state employees awaiting foreign jobs! Featured

It is reported that about 500,000 people are ready to go abroad under the program to give government employees the opportunity to go abroad. 

It is said that the government has fallen into more trouble by assigning the responsibility of sending them to the Department of Manpower and Employment.It is reported that the concerned civil servants are currently complaining that the Department of Manpower and Employment has not prepared a proper program to send them overseas.

However, it is also said that the Department of Manpower and Employment is expected to send at least five thousand employees for foreign jobs by the end of this year in order to reduce the government's public employee burden. Meanwhile, it is said that the ministry will approve the leave for any government employees who can find jobs abroad.

But so far, not a single government employee who has obtained this approval has gone abroad in this manner.

Meanwhile, it is reported that several teachers' requests to go abroad have been rejected by the relevant regional education offices, and the teachers have now submitted their requests to the Ministry of Education.Secretary of the Ministry of Labor R.P. Wimalaweera told the media that the role of his ministry is only to provide facilities for those who wish to go abroad.