Aug 10, 2022

GoSL requested Thailand to allow GR to enter Thailand - Thai MFA spokesman

The spokesman of the Thailand Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Mr. Tanee Sangrat has said that former Sri Lankan President has not sought political asylum from them.

In a Twitter thread, he had also said that the "Thai side received a request for the former President to enter Thailand from the current government of Sri Lanka. The consideration was based on long-standing and cordial ties between the two countries.”

"As a holder of a Sri Lankan diplomatic passport, former President’s can enter Thailand w/o a visa for 90 days, per 2013 Agreement on Visa Exemptn betwn Thailand+Sri Lanka. The stay’s temporary w/ aim of onward travel. No political asylum’s been sought," he had added.

Earlier today, it was reported that former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is to travel from Singapore to Thailand tomorrow (11).

Tanee Tweet 22 08 10

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